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SINCE 1992


New York City-based Diana Kellogg Architects is committed to sustainable design. Founded in 1992 by Diana Kellogg, the award-winning firm got its start in high-end residential but has evolved in its latter years into nonprofit and community work. A guiding core principle of the Company is its deference to an existing sense of place and history -- creating spaces that provide for communal interconnectivity. Kellogg’s steadfast belief is that thoughtful design through spatial arrangements versus complicated details and expensive materials is what impacts the lives of people the most. The overall emphasis of the firm is one of flexibility to programmatic requirements, site and historic concerns and innovative construction with a dedication to high quality of design.


Most recently, Diana Kellogg Architects won critical acclaim for her work on the GYAAN Center in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India, commissioned by non-profit CITTA. The structure houses three buildings // The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s School, an exhibition space and a women’s cooperative where artisans will teach mothers and other women traditional skills. The Center will be completely sustainable and serve the lives of the community. 


Diana Kellogg received a Master of Architecture from Columbia University and a BA from Williams College. Prior to establishing her own firm in 1992, Diana was associated with the firm of Gluckman Tang Architects and Selldorf Architects. Diana Kellogg Architects' work has been featured in various publications including The New York Times, Dwell, Architectural Digest and New York Magazine. Diana Kellogg Architects is a registered Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise and the firm has won multiple international design awards.

Diana Kellogg lives and works in New York City with her two children, Lukas and Clara, and her husband, Neil Burger, a filmmaker.



Amy and Brian Koppelman

House, Upper Brookville, NY

Apartment, New York, NY

HR Brown Companies

Housing Complex, East Hampton, NY

The Jazz Foundation of America

Residence, New York, NY

Melissa and David Levien

Apartment, New York, NY


Maritess and Jarrett Lilien

Loft, New York, NY

House, East Hampton, NY

Amy Mazzola and Tad Flynn
House, Watch Hill, RI

Maria Mileaf and Neil Patel
Loft, New York, NY

Kenny Miller and Rachel Leventhal
House, Amagansett, NY

Rebecca Miller and Daniel Day Lewis
Townhouse, New York, NY

Billy Morrisette
Loft, New York, NY

Naomi Pitcairin
Duplex, New York, NY

Riverkeeper Foundation
Exhibition Space, White Plains, NY


Rosemary Ryan and Benjamin Dyett

House, Shelter Island, NY

St Ann's Episcopal Church

Children's Library, Bronx, NY


60 Thomas Street LLC

Loft Building, New York, NY

Catherine Vance Thompson
Apartment, New York, NY

TIR Securities
Offices, New York, NY

Jane Wagner and Tina Di Feliciantonio
Loft, New York, NY

Watch Hill Carousel Renovation
Utility structures and Restrooms, Watch Hill, RI

Helen and Kevin Ward
House, Shelter Island, NY

Peta Wilson
Loft, Brooklyn, NY

Susan Kennedy Zeller
Loft, New York, NY

Laura Day & Stephen Schiff

Loft, New York, NY


office, New York, NY

Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie

Apartment, New York, NY


Christine Allen

House, Watch Hill, RI


Adam Bernstein and Jessica Hecht

Apartment, New York, NY


George and Leslie Biddle

Apartment, New York, NY


Pamela and Aurthur Bingham Apartment, New York, NY


Andy Blackman and Susan Buttenweiser

Loft, New York, NY


Kate Boylen

House, New Canaan CT


Chuck Close

Apartment, New York, NY


Bob Dylan

Towhouse, New York, NY

Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course

Clubhouse, Bridgeport, CT

Dana Barnes Studio

Forsyth Street, New York, NY

Robert F. Kennedy and Mary Richardson Kennedy

House, Mt Kisco, NY

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